Monday, March 31, 2014

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Today was supposed to be the big announcement day. The day I was going to introduce you all to the newest little bumblebee. But it's not anymore. It's just a regular day. We found out two weeks ago, right at the 12 week "safety" mark, that this one hadn't made it.

It's ok. As Ladybug said this morning, "Some things go away, and some things stay." And Ladybug is staying, and that makes this so much easier. It's hard to be too sad when you have someone tickling you at your doctor appointment.

She seems to understand what happened on some level. She has asked to read her big sister books several times recently, while before she had very little interest in them. And she never asks about the baby like she used to. Today was the first time in the last two weeks that she brought the subject up, and it was in the context of comparing it to her fish that passed away a few months ago.

After that conversation this morning, I asked her if she thought I should try to put a new baby in my belly and she said, "Yes! You can build the toes, and I can build the feet, and Daddy can build the head, and some other guys can build the belly. And you can make it pajamas and a house."

Sounds like a plan?

In other nearly as stressful news, I sold my house last week. Now I just need to find a new one in the next month.

And, the musical I am choreographing goes up in less than 4 weeks. The cast is fabulous and they have been working so hard. This is the good kind of stress. Check it out if you're in the Boston area. Monty Python's Spamalot at Concord Players

And, I'm throwing my sister a baby shower the same weekend the show opens. (No, family, I'm not really stressed about this. It just made a nice list item.)

And then there's March Madness of course! Which I'm totally winning my pool! …Of 4 people. …For no money. Hey, it's still something.

Eek! Do I know how to plan or what? Might as well get it all out of the way at once I guess.

So, that's what I've been up to lately, instead of blogging. I'll try to step up the writing again once the storm passes.


A little Spamalot quote to wrap this thing up…

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of life…"


And a picture of Ladybug reading a book to a cow, because why not?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Week 4

This week's super happy fun times…
  • Lots of stuff that I can't tell you about!

Oh wait, that doesn't make for a very good blog post, does it? Ok, let's try this again. Think, think, think…
  • Trying to make lots of big decisions about houses and preschools and vacations, oh my! Also about cars and choreography.
  • Visiting with good friends.
  • Watching Ladybug actually interact and try to have conversations with other kids. They mostly consist of her handing them objects and saying "Is this what you're looking for?"
  • Aquarium!
  • Trying out a new Zumba class. I am sooo not a Zumba person, but it was fun anyway. Also difficult!
  • Finally getting started on the musical I am working on. First day of auditions, completed! And hey, if you happen to be a dancer in the Boston area, I need you! Please please please come try out tomorrow!
  • Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies and Elmo underpants (for Ladybug). Mostly worn by various dolls and stuffed animals. 
  • Pizza Hut! Hadn't been there in so long!
  • Ladybug told her whole art class that she drew a picture of a pig and held it up for everyone to see.
  • A super lovey cat.
  • Organizing Ladybug's closet. I pulled out the old baby bathtub. She immediately stripped naked, sat in the tub, and then peed in the tub. Old habits die hard.
  • Ladybug saying, "Look! I'm doing a tendu!" Guess she is learning something at those baby dance classes after all!
  • This. She fell asleep on the couch while eating a piece of cheese. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Secret to Potty Training Success

Yeah, I really have no idea what the secret to potty training success is. But that got your attention, right?

What I can tell you is, we started Ladybug's training "for reals" just a week and a half ago, and she is doing amazingly well. And I've had several friends ask what our strategy was.

So now I'm going to share it with all you lucky people!

It all began back in May…

Yes, 8 months ago.

Step 1. Buy a potty and potty related paraphenalia in a fit of excitement as soon as she turns 18 months old.

Step 2. Have your child spend 3 months using the potty as a storage bin for toys and wearing it as a hat.

Step 3. One day randomly, just 2 weeks before a family vacation, your child will decide to use it for its intended purpose, just to get your hopes up.

Step 4. Try the popular "3 day bare bottom method" after getting back from vacation. Give up after a day and a half because you're tired of cleaning up pee.

Step 5. For the next 3 months, waffle between ignoring the potty and strongly encouraging her to use it via bribery.

Step 6. Realize that you haven't made any progress in 7 months. Also realize your husband has a week off from work and that you have minimal outside of the house plans for that same week. Decide to give the hardcore training method another go.

Step 7 - Day 1. Let your kid go naked from the waist down. Don't expect to leave the house anytime soon. Spend all day cleaning pee and poop off the floor and being incredibly enthusiastic when even a tiny drop gets in the potty. Or even when she just notifies you during or after a pee. We also tried a sticker chart this day. She will seem to be making progress, will be willing to sit on the potty when prompted, and will be proud of herself when she goes. Hooray!

Step 8 - Day 2. Bare bottom again. See absolutely no success. Encounter incredible resistance to anything potty related. She may even hold her pee until you put a diaper on for nap time. Question why you ever started doing this in the first place, diapers really aren't that bad! She may even learn to use the process against you. Consider quitting.

Step 9 - Day 3. Get some good advice from a friend and decide to push forward. Ditch the stickers and bribes. Put pants and socks on your child. Hallelujah! She doesn't like the feeling of wet clothes. You go through her entire wardrobe of pants and do laundry three times, but she makes tremendous progress.

Step 10 - Day 4. You feel trapped in your house and need to venture out, no matter how ill-conceived. You put a pull-up on her when you leave the house, even though you know you're not "supposed to." But she's doing so well by now that she even tells you when she needs to go, even when she's out of the house and wearing a diaper. It'll be a false alarm, but still! Yay!

Step 11 - Day 5. You pawn her off on the grandparents for a few hours while you take a well deserved break from cleaning up pee.

Step 12 - Day 6. Dad goes back to work. You're on you're own. You decide to be brave and venture out to the library, diaper free. You pack up a giant bag containing travel potty, wipes, paper towels, and thousands of pairs of pants and socks. You ask her every two seconds if she needs to go. Finally she says yes and you have success going on the travel potty in the library restroom without a single pair of wet pants!

Step 13 - Day 7. Cautiously declare victory and bravely resume normal schedule of activities, travel potty and related accessories at hand at all times.

Step 14 - Day 8. Accidentally forget potty and accessories when leaving the house in a rush to pick up your husband who is stranded in the cold with a flat tire. Your daughter will need to go while hanging out in Dunkin' Donuts waiting for AAA to arrive, but will refuse to use the big potty. However, she will be awesome and hold it until you get back home an hour later.

Step 15 - Day 9. She is now so good at the process that she effectively uses it to manipulate you at bedtime. She may also wake you up in the middle of the night, completely naked and carrying a potty full of pee into your bedroom. Multiple times.

Step 16 - Day 10. She will hold her pee for 6 hours straight in the morning. Then make 5 false alarm trips to the potty during the one hour you are at a restaurant for dinner.

Step 17 - Day 11. Officially declare victory for real! Make plans to buy big girl underpants the next day and hope they don't feel so much like a diaper that she relapses.

And that brings us up to today!

Just follow those 17 simple steps and you should be well on your way to an effectively potty trained toddler!

Wish us luck with the underwear tomorrow! What kind do you think we should go with…Hello Kitty or Superman?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Feel Good Friday - Week 3

I admit, today was a particularly trying toddler day. So I could really use this post!

This week's super happy fun times…

  • Potty training success!!!!! Do you think that is enough exclamation points? Let's do some more, just to really emphasize how cool this is.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There, that should do it. Only one accident since she really started getting the hang of it. We can even leave the house now. Yeehaw! (Yes, I just said "yeehaw")
  • Watching Ladybug play with BEADS!
  • Eating (a little) healthier and exercising almost every day this week. What?! Who am I?!
  • Certificate day at gymnastics.  
  • My SITS Day! Thanks for all the comment love!
  • A breakfast Skype session with my parents.
  • Fun times with friends.
  • Going to Whole Foods ALL BY MYSELF. It was heaven. I even drank a peppermint hot chocolate while I shopped.
  • Mommy on tambourine and Ladybug on drums at a new music class we're taking.
  • Just having to laugh after the 3rd juice spill and the 5th potty break during a one hour dinner out.
  • A smile and hug from Ladybug that makes me forget how she's been driving me crazy all day. :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Finally Here!

Today is my Featured Blogger Day on The SITS Girls, and I am so excited! Welcome to anyone who is just joining me today!

I have a story to share. I considered holding off on posting it until after my SITS Day, but then I figured, hey, they might as well get the full picture of what this blog is really all about!

(Spoiler alert: It's mostly about pee. And poop. And tantrums. And various other toddler related messes. But also general silliness and happy toddler times.)

So here we go!

We took the Christmas tree down last night. It was so incredibly dead and dry, with super sharp, prickly needles. It was time to go.

Ladybug stayed occupied through most of the process, playing with the bead garland.


However, as we were struggling to get the tree out of the darn stand, Ladybug decided she needed in on the action. I kind of shooed her away, as I didn't really think it was a great idea for her to be standing under an unsteady, prickly pine tree.

Oh, did I mention she is recently potty trained? Recently as in we started the process less than a week ago.

Next thing I knew, she was naked on the bottom half, running around the family room and yelling "I peed! I peed!"

I was under the Christmas tree at this time, and Superdaddy was trying to pull the tree out of the stand without spilling the water or scraping the ceiling. So it took a few minutes before I could fully investigate the peeing claims, including the most important question of "where?"

Thankfully, it was contained within the potty. Hooray!

By this point, Superdaddy had managed to haul the tree outside into the cold. (Seven degrees, what?! Yeah, I know that's actually a lot warmer than the temps a lot of you are dealing with right now.)

While he was outside, Ladybug discovered the big pile of pointy needles the tree left behind on the carpet. So of course she did the only logical thing there was to do…

Jump in the pile! (While yelling, "I'm jumping in the pile!") Obviously.

May I remind you, she was still naked from the waist down.

So naturally, being the fabulous parent that I am, I did the only logical thing there was to do…

Take pictures! Obviously.

Superdaddy came back inside to find this scene and started to try to put a stop to the jumping.

Then she slipped. Bare bottom first. Into the pile of Christmas tree needles.

She wasn't particularly disturbed by this. But there was a problem. Superdaddy was afraid she might have needles in her "girly parts."

So we chased her around the house, all the while she was yelling "I don't have them in my girly parts!"

Well, to make a long story, um… not quite as long… She did.

And she wasn't too pleased about removing them. Or putting on pants. Or the vacuuming up of the remaining needles.

But we all survived.

Then the vacuum broke. Oops.

They say you know you're a parent when you're a pro at changing poopy diapers, or when you can make a bottle in your sleep. I'd venture to say, you're not a real parent until you've removed something other than poop from your child's "girly parts" and lived to tell the tale.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit! Feel free to follow me on any of the social media sites to the right of this post!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Toddler Never Forgets

We had been trapped in the house for several days due to our adventures in potty training.

We were desperate to get out.

We weren't thinking clearly.

We decided to go out for a quick dinner, and then go shopping AFTER dinner.

Anyone with a young child knows how risky this plan is.

We decided to go to Jordan's Furniture. I know that a furniture store probably doesn't sound that exciting to most of you. But this particular store is more than just furniture. There is ice cream. There is a water show. There is a trapeze school. There are giant sculptures made out of jelly beans. There is an IMAX movie theater and a restaurant.

And also some furniture here and there.

Ladybug took a super long nap, so we decided to WAKE HER UP and then immediately put her in the car and TAKE HER OUT IN PUBLIC.

Did I mention we were desperate and not thinking clearly?

She was not particularly happy about this. (Who would be?) But we managed to get her in the car with the promise of a hot dog.

Dinner was relatively uneventful aside from this:

She won it out of a claw machine, along with two miniature robots, a tiny triceratops and Superman.

Ladybug was getting a little restless towards the end of dinner, and Superdaddy made some vague promise of "ice cream later if you're good."

We made our way into the actual furniture section of this mansion (dining room sets, in particular), while Ladybug buried her face in my shoulder. She was afraid of the water show.

The next 30 minutes were pure chaos.

Ladybug summoned her superhuman strength and refused to be held long enough for Superdaddy and I to both look at the same table at the same time and share an opinion about it.

It went something like this…

Me: What do you think about the color of this one?
SD: I…uh… (runs after Ladybug)

SD: There's one over here that's ok!
Me: Where are you? What room are you in? (Ladybug runs in the opposite direction.)

Me: Sit in this chair and tell me if…
SD: Hold that thought!

SD: There was one I liked in one of the rooms but I don't know where it was or what it looked like…
Me: Um...

Thankfully we weren't the only family with this same bright idea. Jordan's was full of multiple families doing this exact same dance. We eventually called it quits and let her run around (and almost fall asleep in) the kids' section.

On our way out of the store we spotted this taxi cart:

Ladybug LOVED it. We should have just put her in one of these ridiculous things from the start. Next time we'll know.

I whispered to Superdaddy, "Are you actually planning on getting her ice cream?"
He replied, "No, I think she's forgotten about it."
"How much do you want to bet that she remembers as soon as we have her buckled into her carseat?"
"I'm willing to take that risk," he said.

Not 30 seconds later…

"I get ice cream now Daddy?"

A toddler never forgets when it comes to ice cream.

In the middle of our ice cream feast, newly semi-potty trained Ladybug started looking a little funny and doing a little dance. We beelined it to the restroom, but it was a false alarm. We took a couple rides on the escalator and then hit the road. Made it home an hour past bedtime, making it the perfect night for her to try to con her way out of sleeping by claiming she had to go potty. But don't worry, she was still up bright and early the next morning! Though mommy and daddy weren't feeling so bright that morning.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Feel Good Friday

This week's super happy fun times:

  • A spontaneous dinner with good friends, sans children. I ordered far too much sushi and momentarily forgot how to eat edamame.
  • A fun visit from the out of town grandparents.
  • Hula-hooping and making cookies with Grandma K and Ladybug  
  • Mickey going for a cheesy swim.  
  • Another cute Christmas dress.  
  • A nice Christmas celebration at Aunt A's and Uncle M's, with yummy food and a crazy cat.
  • Taking Ladybug to see a reptile show and watching her be brave enough to touch almost all the animals.  
  • Surprising Ladybug with lunch at a restaurant with all four grandparents.
  • Watching grandparents all work together to put together a 48 piece puzzle.
  • Ladybug playing photographer.  
  • Having a relaxing New Year at home trying out some new geeky board games with a couple of friends.
  • Finding out that my sister is having a girl!
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Watching "White Christmas"
  • Daddy and Ladybug quality time.  
  • Snow!  
  • Making a Zumba date with a friend.
  • Potty training progress and cute phone calls to the grandparents.
  • Superdaddy cooked me macaroni and cheese. The good stuff. Out of a box, with powdered cheese.